Death’s Final Sentence

In Puisi on November 13, 2008 at 3:29 am

Death is in trial

He make his plead…

“Not guilty Your Honor…cause it’s not me…”

“Who is?” asked the Judge

“I don’t know…some human, maybe…”

“…or some angels, some demons…or the Almighty.”

“What!”, the Judge snapped, “Do you blame, me!?”

“Not quite, Your Honor…” “Today you are my Judge, not my God.”

“If I turn into God would you still blame me?”

“It depends Your Honor…”

“So, here I am…” The Judge turn into his God form with all his glory.

So, Death comes near

Put on his bow and arrow

and kill God…

“I’m sorry..” he whispered, “but i never allowed anybody else take my job…”


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